Our region “The Land of Lyons” was very rich in historical facts:

The Romans were passing. In the “Bout de Bas”, a Gallo-Roman village, settled here at the edge of Lieure, a rural theater there was updated by individuals who also exhumed a very rich collection of objects  from this period and in the forest, a portion of the Gallo-Roman route Rome-Beauvais in “Cavée” was also discovered. In medieval times, Lyon sheltered a fort in its center, which explains the constructions of the place set up as circle around the feudal clod. William II of Normandy , usually known as the bastard (1027-1087) became the Conqueror in 1066, often came in Andelys in his Chateau Gaillard. But it was not the only one of our kings, we know that some are made several trips: Philippe II Auguste (1165-1223), Louis IX or Saint Louis (1214-1270) and Philip III Le Bel (1268 – 1314).

For proof that our “Country of Lyons” was so important that it should be Royal, to the “Chateau de Fontainebleau”, in the gallery of cards was painted among other, a wall map of Lyons surrounded by the forest, which places -names of the days of Charles IX  followed us until now: we still recognize those of the Val Donkeys, The Man of Death etc. … etc. … The forest, royal domain, should be seen there regularly the hunting  of our kings until the last Duke of Penthièvre (1845-1919) late nineteenth century. Lyons was one of their titles.

In plain Ecouis, 12 kms, the Battle of Bremule (1119) in battle Feudal where Louis le Gros defeated left Normandy to the English … who returned to peacemakers … parachuted during the last war. Lyons and its surroundings were also a lot of bombing and Resistance: mailboxes, parachuting, among others, Pierre Brossolette could take refuge in and through the pharmacist in the current pharmacy, English officers at the Abbey of Mortemer in forest 6 km. This visit will see the legend of the White Lady … it’s not good to go alongside! beware!


Lyons was inhabited by by a large number of famous people of any disciplines. Curiously many Poets, musicians, and also painters, decorators, researchers, archaeologists, amateur or professional astronomer or aeronaut …

In the family “musicians” … I ask for:
From lyons by his family, Paul Mariner (Rouen 1866-Lyons 1953) wrote lovely songs, sung among others by Yvette Guilbert and Maurice Chevalier (“The sun has a rendezvous with the moon”)? He lived with his two sisters, Rue du “Hole-Grenu”!
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), ended in 1917 in a friend’s house (which is now up the war memorial,) the end of his triptych for piano, “Le Tombeau de Couperin” and in 1922, orchestrated there “The Painting of  an Exhibition “which Modest Mussorgsky had composed for piano in 1874.
Then with her family, who knew back then, the pianist Monique La Bruchollerie (1915-1972). From her childhood until her death she lived in various houses, “Le Vieux Logis” is one in which she spent most of his life. She was married in 1943.
During the war of 39-45 singer Gerard Sousay stopped here a few times to “The Fontaineresse” beside the Hare.
After the war, the pianist-composer Georges van Parys (1902 1971) was a house across from what is now the Foyer Rural de Lyons. Curious glance of life, this house was bought by Monique La Bruchollerie who knew him well. She spent the last two years of his life …

The painting was also represented …
In this region beloved of the Impressionists, Camille Pissarro (1830 1903) bought in the “Bout de Bas”, and asked his godfather Claude Monet to draw his garden (private property).
A 15km. Bernard Buffet settled down in the castle of St. Crispin.

For decorative art,
Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann (1879 1933) interior designer and decorator, admired among others for its furniture still very popular, elected the home called “The Terraces” on the heights of Lyons.

Other personalities also established their place of residence in Lyons. The Alsatian Dollfus family, arrived very end XIX.  They were three brothers. The eldest, John, was a painter and cartographer. We owe him the still current beautiful map of the forest. The second, Charles, founder of the Air Museum, was a famous aeronaut. He rose in balloon 14,000 meters in height to study Mars in 1959, with his son Audouin, himself a renowned astronomer. The third, Marc-Adrien, ophthalmologist, was recognized for his research on the operation of retinal detachment and ocular cancer in children. It was he who “stumbled” into his garden one day on this Gallo-Roman theater. He hesitated … Will he be rather an archaeologist or a doctor? … But the father’s dream has not been lost, his youngest daughter took over … archaeologist, she made some interesting discoveries. The grandson of Marc-Adrien, neuroscientist, participates in the advancement of knowledge about stroke. A girl of Jean married the writer Antoine Blondin who lived then in one of the hamlets of Lyons so continuing to draw the furrow of Benserade. The Writing is thus represented in Lyon twice.
All the branches of this family still live in Lyon.

As the beautiful always attracts best, all this privilege of personalities so diverse, conjugated to the old rural families without which Lyon would not be, weaved over time this atmosphere so particular in Lyons, made by charm and by timeless and together, they always contribute to forge the melting pot of the soul of this old modern and timeless village.