Lyons and its region

Lyons is a place the centuries of which left us of very beautiful architectures …

The attractive Church ( XIIème / XVIème), the remarkable Halle of the XVIIth where are still held the market every Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays morning. They were twice of use to the natural decorations(sets) of the scenes(stages) of the Agricultural show of movies “Madam Bovary”: in 1932 that of the Jean Renoir and in 1990 that of the Claude Chabrol.

Le vieux logis

The house of Isaac de Benserade born in Lyon (1612-+ on 1691) poet of Louis XIV and member(limb) of the Académie française, “La Sergenterie”, the convent of the Cordeliers, where to the XIXth of the weavers made at the edge of Lieure a Indian canvas (purple),  the Relay of Post(Post office) of the ” Vieux Logis “, the former(ancient) ” Grenier à sel ” of the village in which the legend wants that in his death, in 1135, king of England and Duke de Normandie Henry Ier Beauclair, son of William the Conqueror, was killed before being sent to England

The City Hall room whose “bailiwick” XVIIIth  has retained its decoration “Fleur de lys” offered by the Duke of Penthièvre (1725-1793), the house where Maurice Ravel  stayed  but also all so attractive but less illustrious houses
Visits can be arranged …

On the other hand, the Association “Friends of Lyons”, keep available the lectures she has done on the cultural life of the region.

For those looking for a sport, pool, tennis, horses (walks in the forest), or forest roads in the 11,000 hectares beech grove, offer rides GR indicated for hikers or mountain biking. Remained state-owned, the forest, still offers the opportunity to follow in winter, hunts for deer and yard deer twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


And for those who prefers the peace of the nature, Arborétum des Bordins, the gardens of Vandrimare, both to about ten Km. Those of Bois-Guilbert, in around thirty Km were decorated with sculptures made by the owner Marc de Pas. This park is doubled by a hardly appreciated riding school, welcoming boarders.

In the forest again, the charming chapel Saint Jean, whose “Fire” of the summer solstice, always attracts the shooters highly skilled in neighborhood come to pick up the Crown. We say that his brands “protect” us from the lightning …

Within a radius of 65 kilometer,  you can envisage cultural visits very interesting and diverse.

The Collegiate church of Ecouis (at the beginning of the XIVth), in 15 km, fief of Enguerrand de Marigny, superintendent of Philip the Fair ( 1268-1314 ) with its magnificent stalls dating from its construction, the wooden sculptured Choir of XVIIth and a completely remarkable Gothic sculptor. Saint Vincent de Paul is a canon there.

Without counting all other charming small churches of neighborhood (in a 15 km beam(shelf)), dating between the XIIth and the XVIIth with very beautiful Gothic baroque or statuary altarpieces, some have halls, current custom in Normandy … Ah! The Norman drizzle!!!



  • castle of Martainville: regional objects of the XVth in the XIXth,
  • to Vacœuil: exhibitions of paintings or contemporary sculptures,
  • to Fleury the Forest: ancient Dolls,
  • to Bézu-la-Forêt: popular Traditions.

In the neighborhood of other “Historic monuments” also visit:

In group:

  • “Heudicourt” (18 km.), castle of the XVIIth, where is dismissed  of Versailles Bonne de Pons marries of the marquess of Heudicourt, on order of Madam de Montespan, her cousin! Which did not carry her in the heart, Louis XIV carrying her a little too much!!! (In spite of her own connection with Louis XIV, this rival of madam de La Vallière, had revealed the connection and the children that Madame de Montespan had had with King! Enough is enough!!!).  She  return to the court on Madame de Maintenon’s instigation in 1676 and will die there. We can see among others, to Heudicourt, a magnificent furniture of lounge the tapestries of which ” In Petit points ” were executed by the Young ladies of Saint-Cyr(French military academy). In the XIXth, Count Estève, (whose family still lives in the property) under Napoleon Ier was  treasurer General of the Crown. The current owners keep of these periods many  memories
  •  To Radepont (15 km): the former Abbey of Fountain Guérard  erected in St. Louis.

Chateau Gaillard (Les Andelys)

  • In Andelys (18kms), specifically the Grand Andelys, the Collegiate of XII / XVIII. The “Chateau Gaillard” (1196) William the Conqueror, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the meandering Seine. Au Petit Andelys, the beautiful Church of the Savior date of 1202. Opportunity to swim in Muy at 11 Kms Andelys where a beach has been fitted.

Without leaving the valley of the Seine:

Giverny, Claude Monet’s house and the “Museum of Impressionist Giverny” which offers temporary exhibitions.
■ Besides the Renaissance chateau of Gaillon (1515).
■ Rouen lies 33 km west of Lyons. (Coming from Lyons you will discover a beautiful view, taking the road to the corniche at Mesnil-Esnard). The Cathedral (Gothic), Saint Maclou (Gothic), and its ancient streets, in one of them you can visit The Aître Saint Maclou cemetery created during epidemics of Black Death (1348 and 1526), the Dungeon Tour Jeanne d’Arc, the Old Market Square where the horrible bishop Cochon burned her (1431)!, La Tour du Gros Horloge and its street lined with half-timbered houses painted nine, some corbelled (a few some could be earlier than 1431), The beautiful renaissance Palace of Justice, the City Hall (XVIII), the Church of Saint Ouen, the Museum of Fine Arts and its collection of paintings (the fifteenth to the present), of sculptures, but also temporary exhibitions, the County Museum of Antiquities, the Museum Secq Tournelles; all highly interesting.

In the valley of the Seine again, the ruined abbeys of Jumieges (XI) or St. Wandrille (founded in 649, but those are the visible elements of XII / XIV) and in the valley of Risle, Abbey Bec-Hellouin, (founded in 1034, elements of XV, XVII and XVIII), it is still active, it is possible to make trips.

North of Lyons, 30 km Gisors. Church (XII and XIV from Gothic to Renaissance), Templar Castle (XI / XIII). We always seek the treasure! … Any takers!

Kms further, but at 1:30 of Lyons, by taking the A13 to Rouen, crossing the Pays d’Auge, two mythical cities, Trouville and Deauville built parallel to the construction of railway lines from Paris and opened in 1863. The Duke of Morny’s half-brother of Napoleon III, was here “the” great figure. In Deauville, globally recognized his famous “planches” where some scenes were filmed by Claude Lelouch film “Un homme et une femmen”, the Casino, its sandy beach of 3 km, but also the Hippodrome with its races  or sales of yearlings. If you continue, you will see 30 km Cabourg, city of the same era, where Proust often stayed at the Grand Hotel, and a little further, the landing beaches which can be visited in the day.

Lyons, delighting village, is thus full of environmental resources … You have only the very wide choice …